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We have many chinchillas available!  Some pairs, some singles and male or female. Please read over all the Bios and see if one or two of the chins will fit into your life.  When you have decided on a chin, please fill out the Adoption Application.

Chinchillas are fostered in private homes.   Each bio will have where the chinchilla is fostered.  Because they are in private homes we need to arrange a visit based on when the foster is available. 

ADOPTION FEES ARE: $50 for a single and $75 for a pair and $90 for a trio


NOTE: if you have ANY questions or aren't sure about anything, please email I am more than happy to answer any question you may have.


Alex is over 1 year and is a standard male chinchilla.  He was surrendered to TAS and sent to us.  He arrived with his 2 sisters.  He is a nice boy but has some trust issues.  He prefers that you don't handle him or rearrange his cage on him.  He is curious but likes to sit back and watch.   He is fostered in Vaughan. adoption fee is $50

Dexter- Male Standard Chinchilla

Dexter is a male standard chinchilla who is under 3 years of age.  He is a very sweet boy to humans but not so much with other chins.  He should never be paired with another chinchilla, ever.  Fostered in Vaughan

Cinnamon- Male Beige 1-2 years of age

Cinnamon is a male beige chinchilla who is around 1-2 years of age.  He is a very nice chinchilla who is getting to know his foster family.  He loves to snuggle in his hammock.

Fostered in Vaughan.

Isabella and Yoshi- 5.5 years old adoption pending

These two are sisters and are 5.5 years old. Isabella is the more outgoing one and loves to see what you're up to. Yoshi is very laid back and doesn't care to wake up from her naps to see what you're doing. They love to destroy toys and both are always rearranging their cage. These two are too sweet and very pretty!  Fostered in Mississauga

Cersei female- almost 2 years of age

Cersei is a hetero beige female chinchilla who is just over 1 year old.  She is an extreme fur chewer  which comes and go and doesn't seem to like certain people, myself included.  She is now with a foster who she is happy with and we are hoping to find the perfect home for her.  She has issues with trust until she decides she likes a certain person. She is fostered in Vaughan. 


Kiwi was surrendered to the Montreal SPCA due to allergies.  He is a very nice boy who is settling into his foster him.  Kiwi is very curious about people and the going ons around his cage.  He loves to destroy his toys and his apple twigs.  He is fostered in North York . Adoption fee is $50 

Sadie- Female Standard Chinchilla

Sadie was surrendered to the Brampton Animal Shelter.  They contacted us to take her in and she is settling in very well.  A very nice chin.  She doesn't like her cage to be bothered with and will spray sometimes.  She loves to run on her wheel and enjoys getting a twig. Fostered in Mississauga.

Phoenix- male standard 6 years fur chewer

Phoenix is a male chinchilla who is very shy.  It takes him a while to warm up to you but once he does he is a sweetheart.  Phoenix is also a fur chewer.  Sometimes he chews a lot and then slows down.  Most likely it is more of a habit as he now has many items in his cage to keep him busy.  

Fostered in Vaughan.

Keyston- Male standard 10-11 years of age

Keyston is a very nice boy. He was owned for 10 years and due to family allergies came to the rescue.  He is a very curious chinchilla who always wants to see what you are doing.  He loves to get his nightly handful of hay and enjoys watching the other chinchillas. 

Fostered in Mississauga.


This little female is a severe fur chewer.   She is under 3 years of age and has stopped fur chewing a lot but it could always come back.  She is a very sweet girl.

She is fostered in Newmarket.

Furiosa- Female Standard 2-5 years

Furiosa was sent to us from the Lincoln County Humane Society.  We don't have much info on her past or how old she is.  She loves to run on her wheel but she is an extreme fur chewer. A very nice chin who just needs a forever home!

Fostered in Mississauga.

Marty- 4-5 years of age

Marty was adopted previously but has been returned to us.  He is a great chinchilla and would be a perfect pet for a new chinchilla owner.  Marty does occasionally fur chew.  Sometimes he goes months without fur chewing and then starts up for no reason.

Marty LOVES to sleep on his pillow and is always happy to greet anyone at his cage door.

Fostered in MIssissauga

Toki- male beige 8 years of age-Dental Issues

Toki is a chin with some dental issues.  He is doing better now that he is on a different type of food and it seems to help keep his dental issues under control.  He is a very nice chinchilla and would do well in a home.  If adopted we would cover all his dental bills from our vet for his lifetime.

Fostered in Mississauga




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