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We have many chinchillas available!  Some pairs, some singles and male or female. Please read over all the Bios and see if one or two of the chins will fit into your life.  When you have decided on a chin, please fill out the Adoption Application.

Chinchillas are fostered in private homes.   Each bio will have where the chinchilla is fostered.  Because they are in private homes we need to arrange a visit based on when the foster is available. 

ADOPTION FEES ARE: $50 for a single and $75 for a pair and $90 for a trio


NOTE: if you have ANY questions or aren't sure about anything, please email I am more than happy to answer any question you may have.


Alex is over 1 year and is a standard male chinchilla.  He was surrendered to TAS and sent to us.  He arrived with his 2 sisters.  He is a nice boy but has some trust issues.  He prefers that you don't handle him or rearrange his cage on him.  He is curious but likes to sit back and watch.   He is fostered in Vaughan. adoption fee is $50

Ollie- Male chinchilla 10 years old

Ollie is a male standard chinchilla and is a total sweetheart.  He LOVES attention and is very curious.  It is very difficult to take a picture of Ollie as he usually tries to put his face to the camera and see what you are doing.  He LOVES his fleece house but don't even think of getting a picture as he will hop out as soon as he sees you coming.  

Would be a great first time chin for a new owner.

Fostered in Mississauga.

Cinnamon- Male Beige, under 1 years of age approx.

Cinnamon is a male beige chinchilla of unknown age.  He is thought to be under a year.  Cinnamon came to us from Mississauga Animal Services.  He is a very nice chinchilla who is getting to know his foster family.  He loves to snuggle in his hammock.

Fostered in Vaughan.


Cersei is a hetero beige female chinchilla who is just over 1 year old.  She is an extreme fur chewer and doesn't seem to like certain people, myself included.  She is now with a foster who she is happy with and we are hoping to find the perfect home for her.  She has issues with trust until she decides she likes a certain person. She is fostered in Vaughan. 


Metro and Dewey are 9 and 10 years of age.  They are bonded males and enjoy to snuggle with one another and must be adopted together.  They are enjoying getting dust baths and playing out of their cage with their new foster mom.  Adoption fee is $75, fostered in Toronto.   

CHLOE AND MIA- pending



Chloe and Mia are 8 month old sisters.  Chloe is more outgoing than Mia.  Mia is cautious but can't resist a handful of hay. They both enjoy running on their Chin Spin and getting apple twigs as a treat.  Fostered in Mississauga, adoption fee is $75


Finnegan is a very shy Standard male chinchilla.  He was beat up when placed with other chinchillas so he does have some ear damage. Finnegan needs time to adjust to new people but curiousity does take over and he does come out for treats and hay.  He LOVES his tube and sleeps in there all the time.  He is very sweet though and with time will come out of shell more.

NOTE: Finnegan was adopted but has been returned because his owner was moving and could not take him.  We hope the next home will be Finns FURever home! 

Fostered in Vaughan


Kiwi was surrendered to the Montreal SPCA due to allergies.  He is a very nice boy who is settling into his foster him.  Kiwi is very curious about people and the going ons around his cage.  He loves to destroy his toys and his apple twigs.  He is fostered in North York . Adoption fee is $50 

Phoenix- male standard 6 years fur chewer


Male Trio- Stitch, Timon and Tiko- over 1 year at rescue

These 3 boys arrived just after Christmas and will be up for adoption as of January 27th.  We think it is a dad and his 2 sons.  We were told the 2 boys are around 8 months and the other one is around 1-2 years. They are VERY busy boys who love their new cage and all the things they have to explore. The LOVE to run on their saucer and are always VERY busy!  They are fostered in Vaughan. Adoption fee is $90

Keyston- Male standard 10-11 years of age

Keyston is a new arrival to the rescue.  He was owned for 10 years and due to family allergies came to the rescue.  He is a very curious chinchilla who always wants to see what you are doing.  He loves to get his nightly handful of hay and enjoys watching the other chinchillas. 

Fostered in Mississauga.

Morris, male standard 11 years

Morris is a new arrival and will be available for adoption after February 11, 2015. He is settling into his foster home and is getting to know his foster family.  Morris is a very nice chinchilla and is enjoying all his new toys!  More info as he settles in.

Morris is fostered in North York

Sugar and Spice- Beige 2.5 month female and 1 year Ebony Female-adoption pending

Sugar and Spice arrived just around Christmas time to the rescue.  Sugar, was born October 23, 2014 and her mom is around 1 years of age. Because Spice was around a male we will have to have her on a pregnancy watch to ensure she doesn't have any babies.  They will be up for adoption together once that has passed.  

Fostered in Mississauga

Female Fur Chewer

This little female is a severe fur chewer.  Because we are unsure of her history, she is on a pregnancy watch.  We are hoping that during this time she will stop fur chewing or even slow down.  Once a chinchilla fur chews, they always have the possibility of fur chewing any time.  

She is fostered in Newmarket.

Marty- 4-5 years of age

Marty was adopted previously but has been returned to us.  He is a great chinchilla and would be a perfect pet for a new chinchilla owner.  Marty does occasionally fur chew.  Sometimes he goes months without fur chewing and then starts up for no reason.

Fostered in MIssissauga

Shadow- Female ebony- SPECIAL NEEDS

Shadow is a 6 year old ebony female.  She was surrendered with her son who passed away after dealing with ongoing teeth issues. Not long after Shadow started to drool and has had to have her own teeth filed down.    

Shadow is a Malo chinchilla which means she has ongoing dental issues. As well, she will most likely have a shortened life.  Because of this we normally keep this chinchillas in the rescue.  I would love to get Shadow into a home.  So for anyone who adopts her, the rescue will cover her vet bills at our vet.  Please email for more info on this. 

Shadow is fostered in Mississauga.

Toki- male beige 8 years of age

Toki is another chin with some dental issues.  He is doing great now that he is on a different type of food and it seems to help keep his dental issues under control.  He is a very nice chinchilla and would do well in a home.  As with Shadow, we would cover any vet bills with our vet should he be adopted. 

Fostered in Mississauga




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