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Latest NEWS- May 2015

 We have MANY new chinchillas and are updating our site.  

We have a new male that just came into the site and a returned chin, Marty.  MANY great chinchillas up for adoption.


MANY chinchillas up for adoption and many have been waiting a long time! 



We have MANY new chins up for adoption.  Please check them out on our available page and on petfinder.  WE ARE FULL AND NOT TAKING IN ANY SURRENDERS AT THIS TIME! 


Jasper is now thriving!  He is finally over 300 grams and continues to grow.  He has a lot of sensitivity where he had his amputation.  The vet is hoping that the nerves will die off that are closest to the surface so he won't have any pain in that area.  

See our Canada Helps page:



WE had Playful Pets Photography by to take some pics of more rescues.  We LOVE the pics and if you are looking for someone to take pics of your pet you can email Maria at:


We are hoping to get more foster homes so we can save more chinchillas. If this is something you want to do please see our Fostering Page for more info.  




If you want to adopt a chinchilla, that is great BUT please make sure you read over our process and read over the info site   




We have chinchillas that will need ongoing vet care and cost the rescue a lot of money. If you can donate to our vet fund it will help the rescue so much with vet costs.  You can donate through Canada Helps and the money raised pays our vet directly AND you get a tax receipt: 


OR if you want to send in a payment to Helping Homeless Pets (just direct your donation to go to Canadian Chinchilla Rescue) you can have your cheque mailed to:


Helping Homeless Pets

736A The Queensway

PO Box 57062

Etobicoke, ON

M8Y 1L5 




We are NOT a registered charity and therefore cannot offer any tax receipts.  There are a few items that any of our foster parents could use:

Gift cards for Home Depot and Rona (for shelves and hardware)

Metal Pans for Ferret Nation cages

Ferret Nation Cages

Safe Chin wheels

Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe Pellets

Timothy Hay

Safe Chews and Wood

Dusting houses or 2 gallon Fish bowls

Aspen shavings (we use a LOT of this!)

Fleece to make items for the rescues

 ANY item(s) from Zoey and Lilo's Toybox:


 Gift cards for Ren's Pet Depot or Canadian Pet Connection

Please contact: if you have anything you wish to donate.  We have foster parents in the GTA area that can either have items dropped with them or pick up arranged. 

NOT sure about owning a chinchilla? OR thinking about getting a chin?

If you aren't sure owning a chinchilla is for you, read: as it tells you the PROS and CONS!  It will help you see if a chinchilla fits into your life and family.

Rescue Ribbons!

 Zoey and Lilo's Toybox is selling magnetic ribbons with the profits going to the rescue. They are $4 each and can be ordered here: We will use all monies raised to purchase supplies for the rescues. This includes hay, pellets, treats, bedding, toys and vet bills. Thanks to Raychel of Zoey and Lilo's Toybox for coming up with this campaign and many thanks to those that have purchased these already.

NEW- Cafe Press Shop for the rescue!

Check out the new cafe press shop for all your Rescue items! 

Canadian Chinchilla Rescue

The goal of the CCR is to place as many chinchillas as possible in forever homes.  We believe every chinchilla has the right to a FURever home and will do our best to help any chinchilla in need.

These chinchillas are in a variety of places across Canada.  We are hoping to create foster homes right across Canada.  Most chinchillas featured on this site are under the care of the Canadian Chinchilla Rescue although some may be with private individuals.  We will open this site up to anyone that needs our help.  

  All need a FURever home and if you are interested in any of the chinchillas featured here you won't be sorry you opened your home and heart to a chinchilla.

Note these chinchillas are NOT 'free to good home', all will have an adoption fee and an adoption form to be filled out.  This fee helps pay for supplies and cover any extra expenses that might arise when looking after rescues.  This also ensures that people are serious about getting a chinchilla. 

If you are thinking about rehoming your chinchilla you can contact me at:  and I will do my best to work something out depending where you are located.

If you are willing to be a foster home for chinchillas you can contact me as well. 

At this time we are NOT a registered charity but I hope to become one in the near future. 

Lately there have been many "rescues" popping up saying they will take in chinchillas or other animals.  The trick is to make sure the rescue you are dealing with is legit.  You can do this by looking online and going on forums.  We at the CCR, are well known within the online chinchilla community.  We are on many chinchilla forums and have contacts even in the USA.

We stand behind our reputation and value the respect we have earned within the chinchilla community. 





Zoey and Lilo's Toybox- Chin Supply Promotion

Right now there is a promotion with this online chinchilla supply store.  If you adopt a chinchilla from the Canadian Chinchilla Rescue you can get a 10% discount (excluding apple wood products) off your fist order from Zoey and Lilo's Toybox:

Even if you already have a chinchilla, a portion of all apple wood sales goes towards the rescue! 

We'd like to say a HUGE Thank YOU to Zoey and Lilo's Toybox for their help!! 


Don't be fooled by the pics on the outside.  These balls are DEADLY for chinchillas.  IT will ruin their spine AND they can overheat and DIE.  Just smash them up and pass the word on these horrible things!  NO more death balls!!!

Code of Ethics

Here at the Canadian Chinchilla Rescue we will not adopt a chinchilla out for at least 30 days.  This is to ensure the chinchilla is healthy and that we can get to know the chinchilla.

ANY female that has been around a male will be kept for 120 to ensure they are not pregnant.  We will not adopt any female that may be pregnant.

ANYONE wanting to adopt a chinchilla may not adopt a chin of the opposite sex.

NO rescues will ever be bred by us or allowed by anyone adopting a chinchilla.

We do not keep chinchillas and will always try to find the chinchillas homes.  We do not hoard chinchillas. 

We do not adopt chinchillas to "free range" homes or those homes that don't cage their chinchillas.  

 We will not adopt a chinchilla of the opposite sex. 

No chinchilla will be put to sleep due to space.  We will only PTS in the event of a medical issue when it is humane to do so.

We will always take back a chinchilla from someone if they can no longer care for the chin. 




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